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Anacapri is the second largest town on the island, is situated on a fertile plateau at the foot of Monte Solaro.
It is a captivating vacation resort surrounded by Mediterranean country side of exceptional beauty.
Monte Solaro, 589 m., an unforgettable lookout point, is reached from Anacapri by means of a chairlift or foot trail. Visible near the mountain station of the chairlift are the ruins of a fortress that was erected by the British in 1806 onCapri, Anacapri Faro the foundations of a medieval structure (Fortino di Bruto). 
Along the trail to Monte Solaro a road turns off at la Crocetta to shrine "Santuario Santa Maria a Cetrella". This is also the vantage point for a magnificent view of Capri and the Sorrento coast
From Caprile do not fail to make a side trip to Belvedere della Migliara and to the lighthouse Faro di Punta Carena and enjoy the fantastic view once again.

On the way back, the ruins of the castle, Castello di Materita can be seen on the right.
Along the road from Anacapri to Damecuta are the excavations of the last three villas from the days of Imperial Rome.
In Damecuta itself, rich in archeological finds, a tour  can be made to the tower Torre di Damecuta, that was erected in the Middle Ages to defend Capri's coasts against marauding pirates. From here, too, there is a splendid view of Ischia, Procida and the Gulf of Naples.

Another point of interest reached from Anacapri is the world-famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), undoubtedly one of the world's most famous beautiful limestone caves. The Blue Grotto is also accessible by boat from Marina Grande. The source of the Grotto's enduring fame is the strong reflection of color as well as the submerged remains of Roman walls, definite proof that the grotto was once above sea level.
In a panoramic location on the left side of the road from Anacapri back to Capri is the Villa di San Michele, built by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe on the ruins of a Roman villa near the Chapel of St. Michael.


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