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Capri, main town on the Isle of Capri, is located on the saddle between Monte Santa Maria and Monte Tiberio in a commanding location above the two "Marinas", and offers an unparalled view that sweeps from Ischia to the Sorrento Peninsula, taking in the entire expanse of the Gulf of Naples.

With its characteristic arcades that merge into a labyrinth of narrow alleys and streets, Capri works its own special charm on every visitor.
The steps of the famous Piazzetta are an unofficial rendezvous for a colorful congregation of guests from all over the world, who take in the attractive view from here.

The Parrocchiale di Santo Stefano (Parish Church of St. Stephan) was constructed in the 17th century on the ruins of an earlier cathedral and is well worth a visit.
Works of art in the Baroque style are also found here, of which the multicolored marble floor in the Villa Jovis rates special mention.

On a rise not far from Capri is Santa Maria del Soccorso with its beautiful panorama of the Sorrento Peninsula and the ruins of Villa Jovis, commonly known as the Palazzo di Tiberio (Palce of Tiberius), a typical example of Roman villas. Legend has it that Tiberius himself ruled the Roman Empire from this villa, and the entire area abounds with sagas and legends about the Roman Emperor. The "Salto di Tiberio" occupies a special place in the legends as a steep precipice, off which the Emperor's enemies were pushed.
A short distance from Villa Jovis are the ruins of an old lighthouse, the Torre del Faro.
The part of Capri known as Marina Grande is the island's most important harbor, fully equipped whit modern port facilities. Moreover, Marina Grande is a famous swimming and sunning resort.

The cog railway makes the trip to Capri in four minutes. There is also a well paved road to Capri, along which are the Chiesa di San Costanzo (Church of St. Costanzo) from the 11th century and the Scala Fenicia (Phoenicians Stairs), climbing steeply to the castle Castello di Barbarossa.

For centuries, these stairs were the only connection between Capri and Anacapri.
Also recommended is an excursion from Marina Grande to Palazzo a Mare and the Bagni di Tiberio, remnants of the Roman Empire constructed by Emperor Tiberius. Also highly recommendent from Capri is a trip to Belvedere di Tragara along the road by the same name. The view to the rocky Faraglioni cliffs below and Marina Piccola, a famous swimming resort, is fantastic. From Belvedere di Tragara continue in the direction of Arco Naturale (Natural Arch) to the Grotta Matermania, a reminder of the ancient Cybele cult.

Do not fail to visit the  Certosa di San Giacomo (Carthusian Monastery of St. James) in Capri, where there are valuable works of art and two cloisters from the 15th-16th centuries.
A boat trip around the island, especially  in season, can be a very enjoyable experience, showing Capri from a completely different viewpoint and providing rare views of the breathtaking beauty that makes Capri so famous.


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