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"Sogno Bagnato" is a boat, a beautiful sailing boat, a One Tonner, designed by the famous naval architect Vallicelli and built, as a one off, for the One Ton Cup in Naples. It had a glorious racing coach; has won, among other things, several times the Italian league "III class IOR". It represents an ideal of freedom, is the materialization of a fantasy, is the adventure in which you sometimes need to throw, to get away from everyday monotony that surrounds us. If you like to be part of its crew, in love with the beauty of life and the sea, if you want to dream with us, you are welcome. If you want to experience the thrill of sailing on a prestigious boat race, If you want to learn the rudiments of sailing: the maneuvers, the tacks, the settings, If you want to enjoy a beautiful day at sea, sun and wind, in the amazing natural frame of Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast do not hesitate to contact us.


A typical day we offer include: sailing lessons, sport, excursion by boat to Capri or another pearl of the Amalfi Coast as you want, opportunity to bathe in the most beautiful and inaccessible bays, snorkeling, relaxing, and, more importantly, so much sun and sea. After a welcome drink, we’ll keep a quick briefing, to illustrate the basics of sailing and plan your day, according to your wish and the weather. Then we’ll cruise to Capri or Amalfi Coast. Stops for a swim in the crystal clear waters of some lovely cove and lunch. At noon we offer a pleasant snack on board, consisting of a starters and first course or main dish and side dish, made with typical products, in the best tradition of Mediterranean cuisine, water, wine, fruit and Italian coffee. If you like, can be arranged a landing at the port of Capri or Positano or Amalfi, for a hike. Late afternoon return, enjoying the sunset among the sails. The participation fee is 50 Euros per person, from four up to six people.

Boarding and disembarking will normally be performed from the port of Sorrento, with the possibility of transfer from your accommodation. We are also available for your particular needs, which can be assessed together.


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